As kids head back to school, they’ll see a new name on building C at the Lealman Exchange: The Broach School has rebranded as CES Academy.

The shift represents more than just a change in name; it signifies a commitment to innovation, modernization, and a renewed dedication to fostering excellence in education. The result is CES Academy – an acronym for Children’s Educational Services. This new name is a reflection of the institution’s core values and its vision for the future.

“We believe every student matters,” says Dr. Byron Williams, Director of Culture and Engagement at CES Academy. “Every student deserves the chance to succeed. Nobody should ever get left behind in school.”

CES leaders say their school is geared toward children who typically don’t like or fit into the traditional school framework. 

“Typical schools cater to the average student, teacher and class en masse,” says Dr. Williams. “Often, our typical student wasn’t getting all of their needs met before CES. This may include learning preferences, behavioral health, or even include more complicated matters such as nutritional, emotional, medical, even spiritual health. They may have had negative experiences at other schools or weren’t reaching their full potential. They may or may not have documented learning or behavioral disabilities. Our school becomes a safety zone, a place of refuge, of belonging.”

With the new name and logo comes a new leader: Principal Daniel Iacavone, Ed.D. Dr. Iacavone has more than 20 years of experience working in schools, and is looking forward to using his expertise to elevate the standard of learning at CES Academy.

“A motto I stand by is that “Not all great minds think alike.” We have structure and expectations at CES Academy, but we also make sure students are given opportunities to learn in ways other schools may not be able to offer, ” said Dr. Iacavone. “We want children to have fun and feel accepted, while having a safe space to unite as a school-family.”

CES Academy will celebrate its new identity and its students at a Family Fun event on August 31st. Students and their families are invited to tour the campus, meet the staff, and enjoy food and games. 

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