On September 12th, 2023, the Lealman Exchange Collective Impact Activation Board had the privilege of hosting a presentation by Codeboxx, a modern technology company that engages in Ed-Tech, Tech-Solutions, and Venture-Tech. The presentation centered on the potential of harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive positive change within the Lealman community. 

This enlightening session shed light on the transformative possibilities of AI and Language Learning Models like ChatGPT. With a strong commitment to creating innovative and accessible solutions, Codeboxx was a natural choice to address the Lealman Exchange Collective Impact Activation Board.

The presentation, led by Codeboxx Program Director Brian Peret, began with an overview of AI’s immense potential in transforming communities like Lealman. Peret emphasized that AI is not just a buzzword in tech; it’s a tool that can automate tasks to improve services and help leaders run their businesses and organizations more effectively.

During the presentation, Peret also gave examples of how to incorporate language learning models like ChatGPT or Google Bard in daily life. Whether you’re asking a question, requesting help writing a document, or looking for specific information from a spreadsheet, the power of AI and language learning models can be used by virtually anyone.

“I know more and more people who no longer use search engines; they use Bard instead,” Peret said. “I have a neighbor who uses a tool to automatically respond to emails. Content creators are using it to combat the blank page. I myself use it to organize notes for meetings and create outlines for presentations.”

Peret also highlighted the importance of using the right prompts when interacting with language learning models. Some key considerations to keep in mind are keeping prompts clear, specific and concise. You can also help get the best answer by providing context, like background information or details of the issue you’re addressing. If the initial response from the AI doesn’t fully address your query, you can provide additional information or ask follow-up questions to refine the responses and get the information or assistance you need.

“The key here is output assessment – how do we evaluate the output from a ChatGPT or a Bard?” said Peret. Another important fundamental is iteration – never take the first output to be the final output.  Continuously tweak the inputs and assess the outputs. These tools, when used properly, can provide tremendous value throughout our personal and professional lives.”

Peret also addressed the challenges and ethical considerations associated with AI and language learning models. Privacy, bias, and transparency were highlighted as important factors to consider. Peret says you should never input your personal details and always fact-check any responses you receive.

In today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world, workplace efficiency and effectiveness are paramount for both individual professionals and organizations as a whole. If you’re interested in learning how AI and language learning models can make you more effective at a wide range of tasks, both personal and professional, join Codeboxx’s FREE workshop at the Lealman Exchange on Saturday, October 21st at 10 a.m. No experience or equipment required.

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