TECH CADET: How not to be a Cyber Attack Victim

This course is for you if: You’re concerned about online scams and threats. You want to protect your personal information and online accounts. You’re curious about cybersecurity but overwhelmed by […]

Tech Cadet: Web Development 101

Ready to brave the virtual world and go from Newbie to Webbie? Join us for our web dev workshop – the perfect starting point for your journey into web development. […]

Tech Cadet: AI & Prompt Engineering

Explore the basics of Language Learning models and enhance your ability to generate effective prompts for artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT.  Ensure your attendance by pre-registering. Gear up and […]

Tech Cadet: Intro to Web Design

Unleash your creativity and embrace the world of web design at our vibrant community event, ‘Tech Cadet Workshop: Intro to Web Design!’ . Kick off your journey into web design […]

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